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St Paulinus Primary School badge
Uniform with embroidered badge

Sweatshirt (navy, V neck)

Sweatshirt cardigan (navy)

Winter hat (navy)

Baseball cap (navy)

Book bag (Reception class)

Document case (Y1 to Y6)

Junior back pack (Y3 to Y6)


Elastic tie (navy and red stripe)

45" tie (navy and red stripe)

P.E. kit

T-shirt (white, with embroidered school badge)

Shorts (red)

P.E. bag (navy, with embroidered school badge)

Sweatshirt (navy, optional)

Jogging bottoms (navy, optional)

Plimsolls (black, velcro)

Pinafore (grey)

Skirt (grey)

Blouse (white, twin pack)

Summer dress (navy and white check)

Girls socks (white, long, twin pack)

Tights (grey or black)

Boys trousers (grey)

Boys shorts (grey)

Shirt (white, twin pack)

Boys socks (grey, triple pack)

Blazer (navy, optional)

Shower proof jacket (navy, reversible, optional)

General schoolwear
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